National Poo Museum

National Poo Museum

All you ever wanted to know about poo, plus some things you probably didn't want to know or see! It's all here at the National Poo Museum. Poo, which is used as a polite word for faeces or excrement, of all shapes and sizes from the tiny to the large animals is now front and centre so you can take a close look at it. Here you can see it in all shapes and sizes from the tiny to that which came from large animals.

Poo, we see it every day, yet pay little heed to it. It is, however, important stuff! It plays an important role in our digestive process and hence our bodily wellbeing. Science and medicine can tell a lot about the health of a person or an animal from a "stool" sample. All poo is not the same. Don't believe me? Come and see. The exhibits have been carefully dried and preserved in resin.

You can see how different poo looks depending on where it came from from. Exhibits include poo from humans, birds, meerkats, lions, even fossil poo!

Discover what happens to poo in nature. You'll be amazed at how it is used by insects and other animals. They see it as a resource, not a waste product.

What happens to poo when you flush it down the toilet? Come and find out!

The National Poo Museum - for the really curious, is located at the Isle of Wight Zoo and intends to tour other locations around the country in the future. Click the "More info" button below to find their latest location and news.

Isle of Wight Zoo, Yaverland Road, Sandown, Isle of Wight, PO36 8QB, United Kingdom